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A member of the Caribbean Global Network Group, operators of IRIE JAM Radio - New York based leading producer and distributor of Jamaican content across a variety of platforms to audiences around the world for over 28 years!


The BRIDGE 99 FM, Jamaica's newest radio station connecting Jamaica to the Caribbean Diaspora worldwide.

Dubbed the Jamaican Infotainment Connection, The Bridge is a commercial radio station licensed to Jamaica, West Indies simulcasting on sister station, Irie Jam Radio, 93.5 FM – WVIP in the New York tristate area.   The station’s HD format is streamed to global media partners thus providing the premier platform of its kind, from the Caribbean.  

The BRIDGE 99 FM…The Answer!

Missioned as the solution to connecting Jamaica and Caribbean Diaspora communities worldwide, The BRIDGE will satisfy the insatiable need for extensive community news, information, entertainment, and lifestyle media coverage.

The station seeks to answer Jamaican Diasporas’ real and personal questions: Where can I find my hometown’s news and views?  Why isn’t my hometown getting the attention it deserves?  Where are the highlights that personally reconnect me to my local community? 

While there are answers to some of these questions, the media coverage elsewhere is scattered, inconclusive and the narrative is often misleading giving rise to “fake news” if you will.  Being well poised with international media partners and the resources to substantially disseminate consistently credible, comprehensive hometown infotainment The BRIDGE is the answer! 
The media house will provide the kind of coverage that gives the sense of home without being physically there bridging the connection divide!   

Borderless Connection - Real time…All the time!

The BRIDGE power of connection allows for opportunities beyond borders. Resources are shared without limitations, allowing the free flow of information and daily interactions with Global Diaspora communities.

The reciprocity of sharing concerns and ideas, making recommendations, and discussing solutions on issues at home and from abroad is an outstanding attribute of the radio station.  Bridge’s borderless broadcast brings new meaning to freedom of expression as the airwaves are now linked, and Jamaicans are now connected directly in real time…all the time!  

Unique Audience – Unparalleled…Contemporary!

The station’s listening audience is comprised of first, second and third generation Jamaicans rooted and grounded in the Rock…driven by its culture, guided by its traditions and live by its spirit!

With an age range 13 to the young blooded 80+ die hard, listeners are woven through the socio-economic fabric and are students, laborers, professors, CEO’s, judges, scientists…you name them, The BRIDGE has them!

Ultimate Format…Premium Content!

The BRIDGE seeks to connect people and all “things Jamaican” in a fresh, new, and exciting format to entice Jamaicans around the world.

The Jamaican Infotainment Connection will do just that, inform, and entertain within this evolved global space. Already with an exclusive content pipeline, the media giant is confident that its program lineup will keep listeners wanting more! 

The BRIDGE…Celebratory!

The station is not your average radio station as it will provide listeners with the option of either listening or viewing the station’s content. The cutting-edge technologies involved allow listeners to view their favorite radio broadcast content and personalities on devices, including computers, smart phones, tablets and more.
The BRIDGE’S new technological capabilities are celebratory, bridging every “nook and cranny” in Jamaica with Jamaican Diaspora markets across America, Canada, Africa

Jamaica’s newest radio station connecting Jamaica to the Caribbean Diaspora worldwide.

The Bridge 99 FM © 2023. All rights reserved.

The Bridge 99 FM © 2023. All rights reserved.