Up & Go: Fri. 6AM – 10AM

The Crossover: Thurs. 1PM – 5PM

Overdrive: Mon-Thurs 5PM – 8PM

Chasing Purpose: Thurs. 8PM – 9PM

Ova The Bridge: Sat. 12PM – 5PM

Black Dub: Sat. 5PM – 6PM

Master Sounds: Sat. 8PM – 9PM

 On The Bridge: Sun. 1PM – 3PM

Up & Go

A variety morning radio show based in Kingston, Jamaica and hosted by accomplished broadcaster Richard “Richie B” Burgess.

Up & Go airs on its home station, The Bridge 99FM and streams on the Irie Jam Radio website. At the start of the day, Up & Go gives you the best way to wake up and get going with its informative, entertaining and empowering content that is sure to set the tone for the rest of the day. Up And Go features the latest news, interviews, lifestyle reviews, entertainment, business and sports exclusives from the Caribbean’s creative capital. It’s your daily dose of positive vibes, coming to you live from the heart of Kingston, Jamaica. Up & Go airs Monday-Friday, 6am-10am


Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding takes to the airwaves with a new show, ‘Jamaica Live’

Jamaica Live airs on Mondays between the hours of 11am and 1pm Jamaica time, making a crossover at 11am-1pm New York time on Irie Jam Radio.

The Former Prime Minister is no stranger to the media world, having hosted a radio programme on Hot 102 FM and during his tenure as prime minister, hosted ‘Jamaica House Live’ where citizens across the island and Jamaicans in the diaspora were able to call in to speak with him.

Jamaica Live will see Mr. Golding’s analytical skills engaging in thought-provoking conversations with local and international guests and raising topical issues affecting the nation, the region and the world at large. Listeners will benefit from in-depth discussions led by a man whose political experience and intellect will add potency and a fresh outlook.


Jamaica Live with Bruce Golding every Monday 11 AM to 1 PM on Bridge 99FM.

The Crossover

The Entertainment Queen
Nikki Z is back home.

This powerhouse is set to take you, the listener & viewer from a busy day into relaxation and happiness – as Nikki uses her signature blend of music selection, wittiness, experience, and humor, to provide high-energy edutainment through a synergy of music and thought-provoking topics, celebrity interviews, and hot topics – all connected to Jamaica and the diaspora. The Crossover airs Monday-Friday, 1pm-5pm.


The Bridge 99 FM - Overdrive is a high-energic, up-tempo, music mix show.

Hosted by the world-renowned producer of the high-energic, up-tempo, music mix show, The Party Animal, DJ Kurt Riley. Connecting you to the diaspora through music; the show airs Monday – Friday’s 6 pm – 9 pm.


Ragashanti Live is Jamaica's hottest late-night talk show.

A recipe of mix-up, advice and pure fun that leaves you wanting more, hosted by Ms. Cherry’s Wash belly himself, Ragashanti. This show airs every Monday & Wednesday 9pm-11pm  and Friday at 9pm-12pm on The Bridge 99 FM and Irie Jam 


It’s been a long time coming...Mama Elise Kelly returns to radio

Let’s get ‘Un-tengled’ with the original Empress and Queen of radio, EliseKelly, Tuesdays and Thursdays,10am to 1pm on The Bridge 99 FM. Freedom is not something claimed, but something practiced.

“Sam Sam Seh” with
Oliver Samuels

Humorous, engaging, factual with a tad bit of fiction. It’s the king of Jamaican comedy Oliver Samuels.

Oliver Samuels reunites with his Irie Jam family on the Bridge 99FM, offering an amusing spin on topical matters under the “Sam Sam” moniker. “Sam Sam Seh” is a special feature aired every day in the Jamaican dialect patois. The language is authentically curated in Jamaica, with a universal appeal. Sam Sam Seh …the place to laugh, learn and live as one family…from a legendary Jamaican…to the world!


The Public Eye will connect Jamaicans at home with those in the diaspora,

whether it is discussing politics, Covid-19, tourism, global opportunities, culture, lifestyle and more through unfiltered conversations with host Ronnie Thwaites @publiceye.jm

The Public Eye airs every Wednesday, 11am-1pm on The Bridge 99 FM and Irie Jam


Real conversation on topical issues, trending topics, connecting the diaspora to the streetz in Jamaica.

Every week we explore a new topic that has been creating a buzz in the streetz. Echoing the voices of the people while bridging the gap between generations. The streetz according to Shelz- Real, Unscripted conversations, no stones left unturned as we explore a new topic each week. The very versatile and diverse show is aired every Thurday at 10 pm to 11 pm on The Bridge 99 FM. 


Global Connect takes you right through the night with your favorite music mixes.

Global Connect takes you through the afternoon with your favorite music mixes from Reggae to Dancehall and everything in between with Brooklyn, NY’s finest Steelie Bashment @steeliebashment. Tune in on Saturday’s 12pm- 1pm


Rastafari reasoning to Uplift the Nation! Is a Vibe! Hosted by Lalibela himself;Tony Rebel.

Tony Rebel gives a Pan-African spin on Jamaican culture while highlighting its relationship
with Rastafari. Tune in to discuss mystics of Life, Education, Herbal Medicine, and
Family values while listening to sweet reggae music on RASPERIENCE, on The Bridge
99 FM.

Chasing Purpose

A talk show curated to have candid conversations on nurturing faith, setting intention, pursuing aspirations, all while living boldly.

The show is hosted by Purpose guide Syntyche Clarke and premieres  on @IrieJamRadio, in New York,  and @TheBridge99FM, every Monday at 10AM in Jamaica. Chasing Purpose aims to inspire, uplift, empower listeners and viewers every week. Since Chasing Purpose was created in 2020, the show has aired over 42 episodes and has seen the likes of famed media personality Khadine Hyton (Miss Kitty), Reggae Artistes, Kabaka Pyramid, Romain Virgo, Educator Nicole Mclean, among other influential personalities. 


The Fix, hosted by the young, dynamic and opinionated trio of Ari, Naro, and Javi brings an honest, unfiltered, edgy entertaining vibe to the Bridge 99 FM Family.

The Fix airs every Thursday night in the 9 PM-10 PM slot and is poised to capture the hearts of high school graduates, college students and young professionals between the ages of 18-35. Connect with The Fix on The Bridge as they bring you engaging and delivering interviews from known personalities in the entertainment industry, creatives, athletes, entrepreneurs and more across Jamaica and the diaspora.


TOUCHDOWN Fridays 10am-2pm

The Touchdown is The Bridge 99 FM’s Friday mid-morning music radio show aired 10am -1pm with host DJ Roddy G. The Touchdown is all about the creation and enjoyment of music, giving listeners a touch of every genre of music there is coming from the West Indies with exclusive artiste interviews and music releases.


The musical veteran #ILAWI

The musical veteran #ILAWI joins The Bridge 99 FM’s family with his show ‘Armageddon’. This and every Saturday, 6 am to 8 am. It’s a musical journey you can’t afford to miss. 


Introducing Drewsland Rock with Jack Scorpio!

Introducing Drewsland Rock with Jack Scorpio! An early Saturday morning radio show  with a mix of 70’s, 80’s and 90’s ska, rocksteady, dancehall and reggae, entangled with conversations of history.

We’re giving Jamaican music the real attention it deserves with a Black Scorpio twist filled with dub plates.

Airs every Saturday 8 A.M. – 12 P.M.


DJ Roddy G has the right music mix on Ovah The Bridge

Wherever you are or wherever you are destined to be, DJ Roddy G has the right music mix that will take you over from 1pm to 6pm. This 5-hour entertainment show aired every Saturday afternoon on the Bridge 99 FM, gives you the latest on the Reggae/Dancehall Music scene and makes connections with the movers and shakers in jamdown and overseas.

Black Dub

The Bridge 99 FM’s Black Dub music show is hosted by Rory “Stone Love” Gillian.

The most influential sound-system selector in Jamaican culture, every Saturday at 8pm – 10pm. This legendary selector and music producer who came to prominence in the mid-’80s will take his audience on a musical journey – having you rocking to the syncopation of music from Jamaica to the motherland ‘Africa’. The special also consists of a two 2 minute feature that highlights the emergence of particular beats, tracks, and the Stone Love movement. 

Master Mix

Master Mix with DJ Delano from the great Renaissance is Jamaica’s most trusted music mix radio show.

The hottest hit music mixed beat-to-beat and back-to-back from 90’s dancehall/reggae/soca to now.

The show gives you a completely customizable feel of real dancehall culture, engaging your ear and enchanting your imagination as we take you on a weekend dance party. The show takes over the airwaves every Saturday from 6pm -8pm and is hosted by the

Mix Master DJ Delano, Live on #thebridge99fm.

Diaspora Connections

Diaspora Connections is on The Bridge… To the World every Sunday from 12 noon to 2 pm.

Diaspora Connections is a Sunday afternoon talk show. Listeners can tune in to Diaspora Connections hosted by duo Hiya Simba and Joshua. Diaspora Connections Highlighting Jamaicans from all over the diaspora and their offerings. Diaspora Connections, an edutainment showcase, provides information on services available to Jamaicans anywhere in the world. 

Jamaica’s newest radio station connecting Jamaica to the Caribbean Diaspora worldwide.

The Bridge 99 FM © 2022. All rights reserved.

The Bridge 99 FM © 2022. All rights reserved.